Distinct Business Clothing and Uniform Manufactured in Birmingham, West Midlands

Strong first impressions are about presentation. By wearing smart uniform, your employees or pupils will actively promote your organisation’s unique image. At Chana Garments Ltd, in Birmingham, West Midlands, we manufacture business clothing and school uniform that is sure to astonish potential clients.

Clothing that Boosts Your Discrete Brand

Look no further than our company for products tailored to your unique needs. Specialising in business clothing and school uniform, we create garments bespoke to your requirements. We even embroider logos and brand names onto clothing at a small additional cost. This is particular popular with sports teams. We manufacture:

- Jumpers
- Cardigans
- Hoodies
- T-Shirts
- Polo Shirts

Garments Tailored to the Right Size

Find the perfect fit by consulting our staff. Rest assured you receive the ideal solution, as we craft made-to-measure garments in any size. Should you require a certain leg or arm size, for example, we work to accommodate your needs. Please get in touch to enquire about the prices of our clothing, which is suitable for:

- Men
- Women
- Children

Bespoke Clothing Packages

As a reputable company we manufacture our clothes using only materials of the finest quality. To make sure you receive a clothing package that is right for you, we provide a consultation prior to carrying out the work. This enables us to cater to your exact needs, and establish the most suitable price. During the consultation we discuss:

- Sizes
- Colour
- Materials


Operating with a Efficient Turnaround

Typically, we deal with large-scale orders of around 1,500 units. However, we take orders sized from 100 or more units. Though our turnaround time is determined by the size of the order, it usually lasts between three and four weeks for larger orders. If a client makes a mistake with the order, we request that they contact us as soon as possible so we are able to change it.


Promptly Delivering Our Products

For added convenience, we deliver our products to you. When are not able to deliver the packages ourselves, we use a reliable courier. The delivery charge is determined by the amount of products, and is factored into the overall cost. We accept returns, and replace products in the unlikely event they are faulty.

Contact us, in Birmingham, West Midlands, to learn more about the business clothing and school uniform we manufacture as a dependable company.